Saturday, April 4, 2009

HM movie premier!

oh my gosh, i can't everyone how much they are gonna love the Hannah Montana movie!!! it is so awesome. All of the hard work everyone put in definitely paid off! I can't wait to hear all the feedback once it's out! After the premier Miley, Justin, me, Taylor, Demi, Emily, Trace, and Mom went to PF Changs for own little after party (we were all STARVING!)

me and Tay Tay


  1. Brandi you look so gorgeous, & taylor too.
    y'all are so beautiful (:
    I can't wait till hannah montana movie comes out, its gonna be the bestest flick ever made my opinion lol.
    anyways are you in the movie...?
    write back (:

  2. Those pictures are really cool!
    Do you think you will be doing any type of tours with your band?
    Or later on...

  3. Ahaha awesome, that has to be the most awesome group of people at a table together i've ever seen , invite me next time haha :)

  4. tay n u r so beauty ! ^^

  5. i was there! well outside.
    sorry if you guys were creeped.
    tell them thank you so much for stopping to take pictures with us. it really truly meant a lot<3

  6. i was there! well outside.
    sorry if you guys were possibly creeped out.
    thank you guys so much for being so nice and stopping to take pictures. it really meant a lot to us<3
    you are amazing<3

  7. u guys r actors? well, sorry, if i didn't know that :( haha, it's so funny, the guy with tattoo on his hand looked very very starving. have a nice day!

    p/s : u wear contact lens or is that just ur original eye color? the color of your eyes is so cool!

  8. brandii! i love you & yer family. like seriously, you don't even know how much i love the cyrus's. i will support miley no matter how many 'slutty' phases she goes through (haa.) <3 ILY ALL SO MUCHHH! NO LIEEE! i converted all my besties to be cyrus lovers too :] :]

  9. GNO!
    (plus trace and justin, hahaha)


  10. gosh, you girls are so pretty.

  11. Heyyyy Gurrrlll

    WOW. Wish I Could have been there! That place is CRAZZZZZZY good.


  12. OH GOSH, you guys are soo gorgeous :)
    I'm gonna LOVE the HM Movie :D


  13. cute pic :)
    cant wait for the movie to comes out in theatre in france!

  14. that picture of you and taylor is so gorgeous :)
    i cant wait for the movie to come out in the UK!
    im so excited to see it!
    take care xo

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  16. Wow your so pretty Brandi!
    Your gorgeous!
    And the pics are very pretty!
    And of course i cat wait for the hannah montana movie

    I'll all the way from NZ!
    And i think ur simply amazing!

  17. awwww , you guys are so cool ! ;D

  18. Hey Brandi,
    Just wanted to say how awesome your family is!!
    Its so so sooo REFRESHING to see you guys all (like miley etc) stoking on God (& living the faith!) and just being soo awesome, when so many other people in 'the industry' are just so BLAH and lame!
    Thanks so so much for being the light and staying super cool even when the media/haters say craaap (they have NO idea, they dont even know you!! Not that I do... but from what statements Miley has made...and interviews etc etc you all seem so COOL/grounded.) Don't let them get to you guys!
    Loving that youre staying true to your faith.
    Keep up your amazing work, youre doing so freaken awesome. PRAYING for you hard-out!
    Love always,
    Tell Miley I say hi!
    jessie from new zealand xxx

  19. you girls look absolutly stunning. and your nose ring is pretty tight!

  20. I'm so excited to see this film later on this weekend!! It looks like it's going to be amazing!

  21. Cute pictures (:

    I saw you in hannah montana the movie!
    You were doing the hoedown throwdown
    Im so proud of my attentive skills..aha

  22. Just an update: I saw the movie today and absolutely LOVED it. It was completely incredible! I was born and raised in Tennessee (still living here, as well), and it made me realize that I really am Blessed to call Tennessee "home". I definitely love the beach and all...but can't beat the sweet tea sippin' and chicken eatin' days on the backporch...looking out upon the beautiful hills of good ole TN. So..the movie totally rocked. Nuff said.

    God Bless!

  23. Brandi!! You and Taylor are the prettiest people in the world! LOVE YOUU!
    and miley you absolutely ROCK!

  24. thats an amazing fgroup of people, minus justin.

  25. I am waiting to premier HANNAH MONTANA FILM IN ARGENTINA! I am very eager

  26. I am waiting to premier HANNAH MONTANA FILM IN ARGENTINA! I am very eager

  27. amo a los cyrus brandi and miley the best

    venezula for the world

  28. Hi brandi, in my opinion the hannah montana movie was AMAZING!

    I was so happy cause i won 4 tickets to the primere! so i got to see it on tuesday! instead of that opening friday, i was so happy haha even got a signed poster yea it made my month. So ya your sister looked beautiful in the movie, i coulda played her crush tho lol =P o ya also like your music brandi keep it up!

  29. Hi brandi! So the hannah montnana movie was amazing i think. It was amazing for me expecially cause i won 2 tickects to see the primere! i was so exited lol i was like "what if miley is gonna be there.... omg i might pass out" haha kiddin =P But it was great but i think i should have played her crush but thats just my opinion haha =) Btw your music is great hope u go far

    From, DillonGarcia14 Ps. check my profile out on twitter or facebook maybe even add me? or write back? =) godbless

  30. hahaa.... no offense or anything at all. i mean Miley seems like a cool girl to hang out with and stuff but i dont really like the show. but then again its for littlier kids. i tend to like Trace. hes awesome i saw him in concert for the first time on May 9th, 09 babyyy. with fall out boy, hey monday, cobra, and all time low. Trace talked,,, Mason didnt.... i really wanted to her mason talk. lol. well keep on being you...?

  31. omg. I love that movie so much (LLL)