Friday, April 17, 2009

Back and Forth

sorry I haven't updated since last Friday. This week's been a little slow (but i needed the break!)

so to give everyone a little something, i thought i'd post a Frank and Derol video. This is of us just rehearsing at Gibson! =)


  1. sounds good :)
    anything the cyrus family does seems to be awesome, keep it up!!
    much love xoxo Lydia from Greece :D <3

  2. hi brandy, i love this song. hope you'll upload more!
    can u please explain how to upload videos from youtube? tnxx

  3. awesome Brandi :)
    you are so nice ;p
    Tina from Poland ;*

  4. Hi Brandi!
    m.belen my name is and I'm from argentina!
    I can not believe you've created a blog OMG!
    is great!
    you know? I love and play the guitar! exelente! I would like to upload more videos and things like that where they appear, please!
    and let me tell you that I am your sister miley fan! I love your music:)
    I am a fan of yours even more than it in fact xP I think there are few fans in the world yours: O but it does not matter because I really admire you brandi! I love when miley salts to the street and draw pictures and then when I go to see your show up and I'm thrilled!
    I really can not believe I'm writing this is really exciting, OMG!
    I love your blog is really beautiful! I am also one that is in Spanish xD So I think that you will not understand anything jaja but I ask please, if you have not much time and ask you to pass my blog and tell me something nice! not want to talk ... if this comment ... whatever will be good for me:) please brandi!
    one last thing, have any website? or something like that ... because he had previously, but now one can not find it: S please tell me? tell me where or if there are photos of yourself? :) Hey brandi still well with your blog! deeply admire you! beautiful video! MORE and Please Leave A STREET WITH YOUR SISTER MILEY! I want to see pictures of yourself!
    Sincerely, Maria Belen from argentina!

  5. You guys are amazing, I love this song.<3

  6. Good song =) good band =)
    ojala vinieras a España =)

  7. Beautiful song...but i hv a question, what is the plucking pattern you used? Cause its really nice and I cant seem to get it.

  8. Hey Brandi I commented on your guy's myspace. Your music is really nice. I really like it. Keep it up. :) Hope to hear more of your music soon. God Bless.
    Love Lizzie.

  9. I love this song!
    Codi has an amazing voice!

    I like how they sound in duo Codi and Meg!
    I'm learning to play guitar... but I lack a lot to learn!

    gL with the band!


  10. cool, can't wait to hear more

  11. love the music!
    i called this band the Yogurt Tree Girls.

  12. omg. you are so good! I love your music!
    keep it up! (:

  13. I` very, very like sings Miley and you. I casually find this adress. You have super blog. Great film.

    Esmeralda from Poland.

  14. Your band is really good! I love that song. Do you sing, Brandi? <3Chelsea :)

  15. I LOve Miley & You =) Its Cool !!! Nicole E POland ;*** !!!! I LOve Miley !!! :)

  16. i love this song :) you guys are amazing!


  17. can you follow me? lol seriously that'd be so cool though! band is great!

  18. i luv dat song i fink am a new frank nd deroll fan nd hey how did u picked dat name lol? nd bye the way i juss updated my blog i talk aboot miley cyrus am in luv wiff her so pleez miley nd brandi butt espeshally miley read my blog lol

  19. Sounds really good.
    I like it.

  20. Just wanted to say thanks! your song realy inspired me today to pick up my music again and stop being so lazy! I even went out and bought the new Cubase edition so I can start recording ASAP. (just my luck it doesn't work on my computer so I'll have to keep my patience a while longer) so really, thank you!

  21. LOVE IT!. her voice is awesome!. i'm officially a fan of this song.
    love and support from uruguay, south america:
    ROMINA (:

  22. Wow!!! That was an awesome song:)

  23. u 3 r amazing can't wait 2 hear more songs on myspace hope u post some hear to, u looked so beaitful and cute when u were smiling must be a cyrus lov the gutiar playing sounded awesome.thanks 4 sharing.

  24. OMG AWESOME SONGG... sorry to say bbut this is much more my kind of song than mileys..... do u have a download link??? I LOVE IT!! I NEED TO HAVE IT ON MY IPOD!!!

  25. wow i really do admire you ! you are so pretty but it's too shame that you're not singing in this song .
    you rocks brandi , YOUR THE BEST :)

    ps : maybe im wrong but is the left blond girl acting in "the secret life of an american girl" ?

    im squch a big fan of you (:

  26. It sounds just like the track recorded on the band myspace. i love the song, it's on my profile player :) i can't wait to hear even more music, you are all so talented!

  27. i like this song, it's really nice and i love your i love the gutiar playing thanks