Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Alright here we go!

me and Mil in the car going to the movie premiere in Roma!

arriving in Madrid, this is where all the bull fights go down!

on the red carpet in Madrid!

we FINALLY found a Starbucks! HALLELUJAH!!!

Dad being funny on the set of El Hormiguero! (a late night show in Spain) hahahaha.

video from Madrid premiere!


  1. I wanna go to Madrid!

    Nice pics, Brandi :)

  2. Hey Brandi, this is the link for the Achy Breaky spanish cover!
    HOpe you have had fun here in Spain!
    Happy Earth day!


  3. glad you got your photobucket back =] those hackers are sent from the devil! haha
    i love miley's outfit for the madrid premiere
    you look gooorgeous in the first pic!!
    gosh i'm jealous of everyone's stunningness!
    xox sierra

  4. Wow... I love you dad's photo!! :D
    I hope you enjoyed Madrid.

    L <3

  5. Awesome pictures, Brandi. Thanks for sharing! Hope you guys have been having fun! xoxo

  6. I nearly got in a fight with someone because she was going to Rome and gonna see you guys and I asked if she has a camera and if she can record a video of you guys saying "hi" to me.. she said no because she's not my bff? I was hurt. Because I really want to have a shout out of you two.. I live in the Philippines and Miley and you are too far away for me to meet. :( Oh well.

  7. The Cyrus family is the bestest ever...You all are great...Never change...!!!!!!

  8. So much respect for you 2 girls!

  9. I saw "el hormiguero" last night. These guys are really crazy.
    Hope you been felt at home in Spain.
    Welcome again asap.

  10. I love your pics. You look gooorgeous.
    Come to Poland...:P
    Isabella <33

  11. Both you and Miley looks great. Now i wanna go to spain again! ;D i just wanna say that i love both yours(frank and derol)and mileys music! have the best time in europe! and maybe visit sweden to? ;)
    please check out my blog :D,


  12. Wow! Awesome photos Brandi! :)
    I'm from Madrid and I saw "El Hormiguero" last night. Your Dad is incredible!! So fun :)
    I expect you enjoyed your time here in Spain. Come back early! ;)


    :D you guys are awesome!

  14. We want more! We want more! please... :)

  15. Being on that red carpet looks so overwhelming! I hope you guys are having fun!

  16. you girls are so crazy about starbucks :P
    lovee your sunglasses and enjoy your trip :)

    xoxo, Carol

  17. Hi Brandi :)
    Did you like Spain? I'm from Spain, from Barcelona is better than Madrid, (hahaha) You have to come here because Barcelona is espectacular.
    Sorry if my english is not so good >.<
    Well, I've 16 years and here you can't drive a car, and I hate that, I waaant to drive a car :l

    My dream is travell to United States, to Los Angeles, California, Hollywood (oh yes,), Phoenix and more other places. But the ticket to travel it's more expensive :l ,
    I think that... 1000 euros + the hotel it's expensive too.
    And my parents don't want me to go there because i'm so little, they said. ¬¬' I don't belive that. I want to go it. I started studying english when i was 8 years, because ALWAYS i want to go there.

    Well, take a great time here and buy a lot of things (:

    Byeee ( Adiós )


  18. Hi Brandi!
    It´s must very cool with this sister.
    I wish i have an sister like miley too.
    A lot fun in the other lands.


  19. hey! are you ever coming to Asia?? :) Philippines to be exact. <3

  20. Brandi, thanks for the pics, video and your blog about Madrid. Miley and you are so cute and talented. Billy Ray looks great, too. The crowd looked huge. I bet everyone loved the movie. I've seen it twice and plan to see it again. I spotted you in the movie.

  21. aww you both look amazing! i wish the pics were a little bit bigger

    have fun in london

  22. "Hola!" Hi!
    OMG! I was there!! :) It was awesome! I can´t believe it... I have your autographs! Awww!
    And "El Hormiguero" was sooooo funny... I was out in the street 'cause i couldn't go to the set and everyone was crazy! It was soooo cool!
    Well, hope you enjoyed my city and please come again to Spain!

    I love you girls!♥

  23. hey brandi thx 4 posting these pix lol i luv them all espeshally the 1st 3rd nd 5th pix nd well hey pleez tell miley 2 come 2 montreal lol am gunna tell her where r the starbucks in montreal lol nd if u havent pleez chick out my blog butt i still havent updated it since last time lol

  24. Waouh thanks for the pics and the video !!!
    Mehidi (

  25. Wow, that was a lot of fans!!

  26. Im from spain too im from bilbao and its also better than madrid jk jk
    But i saw the show el hormiguero yesterday and i was really sad u werent on it all thoough ut were prob backstage !

  27. Thank You Brandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love the update..


  28. Hey Brandi! I'm from Madrid! haha
    I love at you and ay your Sister!
    You are so beautifull and nice girl! :D
    Madrid is the best of Spain! haha
    Do you like spain!?
    please add me....

  29. ADORE the Starbucks pictures! That would be what I would seek out first as well!

    Great minds think alike!

  30. i loved the pics and the travel for Madrid!
    the place is wonderful!
    Starbucks always, right?! hehehe


  31. Hey Brandi!!
    what's up? I hope that fine
    Spain is Definitely Fun and there are many people!
    What you think of the Spanish? Im kelly from California and my twitter is
    PASS PLEASE!hehe I speak english and spanish,its incredible and very easy!!Congratulations to you and Miley, your are the best and play the guitar so well!! I love it because I have a band!!ok I gotta go but really the pics are beautiful!!
    thanks to the better sisters of the world!!
    God bless Alway

    With love

  32. hey brandy :) nice pictures and oh boy the fans DO scream like a lot. however it seems pretty cool and i could understand some people talking in spanish. they said somenthing eith "la puerta" lol anyway.
    love & support from Uruguay, South America.

  33. What's with Miley and the scrunchy face at her Starbucks and then again at the camera in the car? :-)

    You gals look like you are having a bunch of fun, how exciting! I'm jealous that you get to travel all over.

    Take care ladies! Thanks for letting me and the family share in the fun.

  34. that was crazy. everyone was yelling MILEY!!!! cool. that must be a powerful feeling:P

  35. Hey Brandi!!
    It really was so difficult to find a Starbucks
    in Spainn??? I it full of them (not like in the US, but there are hahaha)
    I hope u had fun in Spain, u should had visited Valencia :)
    btw enjoy the shoppings at Topshop cuz i guess u girls are now in London, buy me something lol
    peeeeeace xxxxxxxxxxx
    Carla :)

  36. OMG!
    your sister is super famous!
    I didn't know that!
    Tell her to be herself!
    She's going to be as famous as Julia Roberts one day :)

    Lots of love,

  37. Hi Brandi Im from Spain...I am very contented
    of which it leaves from the family Cyrus it has been in my earth. Fodder that headresses the brilliant guitar .You return soon to Spain We already missed to you . I hope that to all the Cyrus it goes to you brilliant .See you..

  38. Aweeee you girls are too hot to handle!!! keep it up. THE CYRUS FAMILY ARE HOTTIES. hehe
    You girls are really talented and amazing hope for you two the best in life!!

  39. Hey Brandi! nice pictures.
    Tell Miley and why not your whole family to come to Sweden, say that Miley has a lot of fans in Sweden, it might be fun to know: D
    Love your blog.
    oxox from Evelina in Sweden.

  40. oohh you were in Madriidd!
    hope next time yall visit barcelonaa!
    i live theree and the city is better
    than Madriidd =P
    hope you and Mileyy enjoyed spaiin

    Peace & Loveee.

  41. love the pic of your dad its hilarious, why is miley trying to pull off grumpy in a couple of pictures? What do you think of The New Band Tinted Windows?

  42. awwww , i luvv miley's dress .
    and your hair colour , seriously , it's gorgeous on you ! ;D
    i'm envious .

    do drop by please please pleeeeeeease

  43. and oh , btw , i'm from singapore !
    come by to singapore okay brandi !
    bring your band too ! :D

  44. Brandi. I love your blog :D I'm a big Miley's fan from Poland.

  45. hi brandi..!!!
    you rock..
    i love the pictures...

    miley and you are so but so so beautiful...

    miley i lovr you with all my heart and my soul..!!

    you are my example to follow..!!


    Nini Del..!!

  46. Woow, thats cool ^^ i luv ur sunglasses, totally gorgeous.
    And what do u think about TopShop? Isn't it awesome? =)
    Ppl who's trying to contact Miley by you are annyoing me so much. Peffedic.
    I'd like to email you, sweetie (I'm lookin for friends, haha) XD
    My mail is
    Yeaa, I'm from Poland, so peffedic country.
    And I'm kind of gossip girl. Lmao XD
    Pls, write to me.
    Peace ^^

  47. Brandi Your r so cool!!! I love your fams style.I luuv your piercings btw. Please add me on your Twitter account. Miley you r so cool. U and your sis. Please add me on your Twitter 2.Miley you will see my comments and stuff if u look on your twitpic page pics

  48. I LLUUVV your fams style. Brandi and Miley Please add me too your following list on Twitter.PPEEAACCEE!!
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    on Twitter find people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  49. I LLUUVV your fams style. Brandi and Miley Please add me too your following list on Twitter.PPEEAACCEE!!
    Search: Raven365
    on Twitter find people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  50. By the way, I laughed a lot with your father in El Hormiguero! was fun haha

  51. I would love to have a sister like that. well actually I would like you be as famous as Miley or the jonas Bros. I think that would be pretty cool! Anyways tell Miley i said Hey and that I LOVE her!

  52. hehe yay for starbucks! looks like fun! :-)


  53. this video is crazyyyyy! I never thougt people went this crazyy! it's amazing! in potugal we just have in hole we just have one Starbucks in hole country, it's sad but truee!!! hope you're enjoying europe!! kissess :)xxxx

  54. Hey Brandi!
    i'm Tim Brooks friend from California.
    i ended up doing a drawing of you and featuring you on my blog.
    posted a link to it below i hope you like it! :)

  55. Hello Brandy ! I'm from Poland and I'm your big fan !! I love U , Miley <33 You are so preety ! Please , write to me . This is my mail : ! I 'll so happy :)) I love U !!!

  56. looks like you had a lot of fun there :)

  57. That beautiful the foto
    Here I leave my e-mail you

  58. Thats realllyyy COOOLL!!! Gr. I want to go . You guys are amazing !

  59. Please post more pics and stuff.
    They're very interesting

  60. Hey Brandy , I prefer uu of Miley
    U r very beautiful i think u r the best girl , u ar u so nice i don't know but I think ,Me I am french , that"s funny to speak english in ur blog !!!!!!!
    I just want we're friends because u r my idol NOT MILEY , UUUUU r the bestt I LOve UU . can I be your friend? Please ANSWER ME ,

    luv ya , please answer me and my name is Myriam

  61. and i Lose to give my adress of msn is :

    add me please and then we can speak together

    bye =D
    i luv uuuu brandyy soo much u r my idol

  62. Hi Brandi!!
    You're the best!! and your sister too!!
    I Love Miley & Brandi!! :)
    My blog is

    I am from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I have 10 (ten) years old and my name's Yanina...

    I am GREAT fan of Miley!!

    Taylor Swift is the BEST too!! is a of my idols!!! my idol is miley.

    my email is

    I Love MileyC, SelG, DemiL, Jobros, TaylorS, etc, etc. I HATE CAMILLA BELLE xD

  63. Kajsa SjunnessonMay 6, 2009 at 10:12 AM

    Do you know where Miley bought the pink skirt?:)

  64. omg i cant believe you are obsessed with prison break. im so sad its over. i have watched it since day 1 and love it so much! 1 more day to the finale! what do you thinks going to happen??

  65. Beautiful Miley´s look in Madrid. Spain love you girls, come back soon.