Friday, December 11, 2009


Traveling in the van with the Windsor Drive kids. These are our assigned seats.

This is Owen at the border of Texas and Mexico. We rode our bikes there!

We got to stay at this amazing ranch in El Paso, called Sonic Ranch. It's right next to the border.

This is me at the border! on the bike.

me and Codi performing at The Parish in Austin, TX

Codi and Jon playing Ping Pong at Sonic Ranch

Codi and David hangin' at the merch table.


  1. hey girl.. awesome pics!!! my niece chi chi was like.. she took a pic with Owen.. Not fair. i told her if they r at the dec 18th show she can take a pic with him :).. Be safe and we will keep praying for ya'lls saftey everyday!! we shall c ya'll then :)

  2. CONGRATSSS BRANDI!!!!! Hope you have a great show tomorrow


  3. cute pics brandi love them...i wish you and ur band came to my home town and did a concert i would try to win backstage or vip and im shocked you updated lol...thanks so much for getting me in to blogspot i love the way my name is jessica and i met your sister and brother (trace and miley) well when i met miley i have her some gifts for her b-day and then just gifts...their was something for you? wondering did you get it from her? i hope so if not you will :D i hope you like it...luv ya and glad u on blogspot all the time lol hahah

    god bless you luv always jesserz

  4. Cool!
    It's great that you're really can be in the center of the stage!
    You're the next Miley!!
    Keep on rawks!!

    P.S : check out my blog:) Don't forget to commenting on tagboard :)

  5. Haha, Ping Pong - very cool (childhood memory)! I'm loving it! ;)

  6. wow- im the firts to comment =)
    i really like your blog you do so many cool things and i think it's great that you share with the world

    kind regards

  7. i love frank & derol! are you coming to london?

  8. I love you pics Brandi! I'm so glad u're having fun :)
    i hope u will come to Italy with Frand&Derol!

    Alessia :)

  9. these are great pictures! it looks like you are having fun on tour! i sure wish you were coming to idaho. :)

  10. Oh, do you sing in Frank and Derol? I thought you just played guitar. I've really got to listen to some more of your music!

  11. buenas fotos... de un buen tour..


  12. I love the pictures :D:D:D:D:D:D:D.......

    Your voice is soo sweet (:

    Love your blog=D