Thursday, March 19, 2009

last week in a nutshell.... what does that even mean??

Review of last week, because it was way more exciting than this week has been....

went to the STAR Young Hollywood party at Apple and saw Lady GaGa perform. I didn't know who she was before. As strange as she was... she did put on a good show. I went with Megan and Codi =)

THENNN last Saturday I played a show with my Dad in Wendover, Nevada.... and apparently the airport we flew into was this big army base during the war, and they had all this historical stuff inside..... we saw an EXACT replica of the atomic bomb!! It was crazy.

lastly, Miley and I spent some quality time together. Did some random things and then went to dinner at Mo's while she did about 15 phone interviews. WHEW.

sweet glasses huh?


  1. ♥LOL! U and Miley look really cool in them glasses LOL! They rock! ANd i think u guys are awesome...U n miley are so kool and shes lucky 2 have a big sis like wish i had a big sis 2 hang with...check out my blog please im kinda new 2 this and i am also following you on twitter which i am addicted 2! me and my cousin tweet everyday lol! well ttyl brandi...
    peace Crystal!

  2. wow that is so cool how did you meet her

  3. Sounds like an exciting week...I'm definitely jealous

  4. Sounds like an exciting week...I'm definitely jealous

  5. whoa; what kinda glasses are those?

  6. I often wonder if there is such thing as quality time in the Cyrus home. If you guys can make it happen..kudos for you, cause everyone needs it. I would love to know how you handle Miley getting so much attention.

  7. shes her sister duh!!

  8. I love this pic lol !

  9. Hi, Stop subscribe about miley !

    This is Brandi's blog not Miley's.
    Hi Im from Norway :)

    It looks so FUN! :)
    I am Very jellous cause my family cant travell so much :(


    Lots of luuv Thomas <3